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Galaxy Magnolia update by Axolotl-mafia Galaxy Magnolia update by Axolotl-mafia
Spot the character! Recognize anyone? =)

I'm sorry it has taken me far too long to update about Galaxy Magnolia, I have absolutely not given up on it! I've been hesitant to give away any spoilers, the splash page 83/84 has literally so many characters in it including all the cameos from this journal that it's taken me months of progress to work on it. So I'm sharing a tiny corner of it, there are more than 300 -370 characters in total to be seated, I haven't counted exactly =). All pictures here are my own characters, except for :icononeeyedcanine: up in the top left corner my friend IRL. I don't want to show any of the cameos yet, and there will won't be another update until the splash page is completed =D. ALL who commented in that journal before will have their character drawn (humanized). Thank you for sticking with me, I'm putting every effort I can into making this book the best I can.

Also if anyone is curious as to what the facial tattoos, markings, and hair characteristics mean on human characters present, those who wear them are the Generation Descendants of those from the first Earth Colony, that was destroyed during the Chevron Juno-Pucc (Ruga's Brother) Crisis (mentioned several pages back). Presently current timeline in the story, no Earth colonies exist, only government influence on the planet Earth within the ice desert of Denver North Dakota. G.D's no matter who they are, are rare and popular. Typically they their status with tattoos, dreads, braids or beads in their hair, or other markings on their face and skin. Gingham Angora (school reporter) is also a descendant, but she chooses not to illustrate that. Jasp Lasting is her brother, also present. I'll let you guess who he is =). Both are named after specific fabric and patterns, as their parents were descendants of those who created the green fabrics of various textures and material the colony  (shown a few pages back). Victor Hudson  is also present, along with Nova. The Green skinned people are the Pilotte-Bolahai, more on them later.

FREE, I will draw your characterEDIT #2
Everyone who has commented so far with a reference, has a spot designated for their character, this page seriously has SO MUCH interaction going on with over 100 something characters, and is taking me a long time to draw out! For everyone else, you still have time to participate, please link your reference, or you won't be included of course! ;). Just follow the rules listed, thanks!
End Edit.
Get your entries in! Please follow the rules below! <3 I'm drawing cameos right now, there is room for between 70 and 100 cameos on the next two pages. Pages after will also have cameos. So please get your references in if you would like to participate.

Edit: Sorry everyone, I haven't had time to reply to everyone yet but if you're still commenting at this point in the journal, it means I'm accepting your character application for a cameo appearance, so long as it meets within the rules listed below. Please feel free to anyone else who would like to e
Galaxy Magnolia Ten Face by Axolotl-mafia Galaxy Magnolia Protect the Pack Page 1 WIP by Axolotl-mafia Galaxy Magnolia Lesson by Axolotl-mafia Galaxy Magnolia poster by Axolotl-mafia
Dymin-Jay Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Student Digital Artist
OOOOOOOOOOOOOH the excitement hits me like a ton of bricks going at 35 mph! :la: it kills but I love it!
Tytoquetra Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017   Digital Artist
There's so much BLUE going on :0

can't wait to see! :la:
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